App keeps on crashing

  • Before and after the maintenance today (14feb), the app keeps on shutting itself whenever I try to upgrade one of my tanks. As a result, I am unable to upgrade my tanks anymore despite not reaching the limit of upgrade yet. Developers please advise me on troubleshooting this errata or technical glitch asap!

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    Please tell us what kind of mobile phone you have. As soon as we know more we will see what we can do for you.

  • @Ninjala Currently I'm using Xiaomi 4X and it doesn't give me problems for my other mobile games except this one. Please do something about the consistent app crashing! Thanks and I really hope to be able to enjoy smoother game flow soon!

  • @Ninjala I think this problem started after I used battle points to buy components for component upgrades. After buying components and therefore having enough components to upgrade the component upgrade, I upgraded the component which then cause me to disconnect from the server and then the app refresh. From then on, the app will auto shut whenever I tried to access the component upgrade which components I used battle points to buy.
    I hope my narration of this problem helps and there will be an eventual solution. I really look forward to a favourable and anticipated reply from you.
    Best regards.

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    I have forwarded your issue for further evaluation. Please be patient. If you need further assistance please send an email to [email protected]. I will get back to you as soon as I received feedback from our developers.

  • @Ninjala Thanks for the assistance. If u need further clarification on any issue please let me know. I hope to be able to play PL normally soon! Anyway, I think its a stacking error when this happens(buying components) and several users probably face it too, hope it helps!

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    This post is deleted!

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    @FCY.1135 I received feedback from our developers and in order to get to the bottom of this issue I need further information in this case. Which Android version is currently installed on your mobile phone? Does the crash happen with all components/tanks or only with one specific component/tank? Could you also tell us step by step what you are doing? If you do not want to post it here you can also send an email to [email protected].

  • @Ninjala

    1. Version 1.2.2041
    2. The crashing occurs only for my most frequently used tank, which I upgrade its components to high component levels. The components involved in the crash are only the most upgraded components of each upgrade slot - one component for every upgrade slot - of which I use battle points to buy level 1 components to further upgrade the existing component(i.e. to level 4/5), which are labelled with a star(*).
    3. The approach which I use to upgrade the components leading to the crash goes - TANKS, particular problematic and most frequently used tank(i.e. raptor), UPGRADES, upgrade slot (i.e. turret) and finally, specific upgrade (i.e. material extractor) - after which, the application will crash and a pop up saying 'Connect lost. Press 'Ok' to reconnect'. Before the crash happens, I used to go to the upgrade slot page, specific upgrade, select component and buy it's level 1 needed components with 130 battle points each, confirm buy that component and repeat this cycle of buying each component with 130 battle points a multitude of times for that particular component until it is suffice to upgrade that component to the subsequent level. After which, the problem starts and it results in lost connection and I will need to reconnect. This lost in connection will then occur every subsequent time I access that particular specific upgrade (i.e. material extractor) of this specific tank (raptor) and the application will restart every time I access that particular component of particular tank which I use battle points to buy its components with 130 battle points a multitude of times.
      Perhaps the developers could try access my account to take a look at this problem for my problematic tank (Raptor) which the problem is triggered for the star(*) specific upgrade(i.e. material extractor) of each upgrade slot.
      If any clarifications are need, please let me know!

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    @FCY.1135 Please excuse the delayed response. I have forwarded your report to the development team. The problem you have reported should be addressed by the next update. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a release date at this point, so I'm afraid I must ask you to be patient.

  • @Solkrin It's alright, I'm looking forward to new game features alongside the fixing of this technical fault! Will return to the game when the bug is fixed and change my playstore rating to 5 stars!

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    @fcy-1135 Sounds like a plan :) We are looking to forward to see you in the game again!

  • @solkrin Updated the app and noticed that the technical problem that once troubled me had been fixed! Thanks for the much awaited assistance and I'm really glad to be able to play this game again! I had also changed my playstore rating of this app to 5 stars! New game features also gives me more pleasure in the game and really excites me to carry on playing now!

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    @fcy-1135 We're happy to hear the update fixed the issue for you. Happy hunting :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • mine is fine

  • Mine is not constantly crashing specifically when chatting

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    we're sorry to hear that you have experienced client crashes. We will gladly investigate your report. Could you give me your device's specifications (brand, model, OS version etc.)?

    Kind regards,

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