Ranked PvP

  • Curious as to when it’s going to be a thing. It’s great smashing people on the other team, but not when your team is feeding 9 deaths each per game and would like to play with as well as against players with some semblance of how to win.

  • Hello @Kyren-2059, we are constantly working on improvements to the game. We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your comrades' performance. We will try to further improve the matchmaking in future updates. Concerning the Ranked PvP matches, I am afraid that I cannot provide you with a reliable date at the moment.

  • @kyren-2059 have to team with reliable people first

  • Feel free to add me. Ranked PvP is definitely easy and you can check my battle log history (I think?). My gameplay generally doesn’t care if my teammates feed my enemies as the game doesn’t last that long.

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