PvP matches arnt pvp

  • Ummmm so yeah just because you do 2p1 doesn’t make it a bot match create a system to Mach up with others or just make it players vs bots
    don’t use bots to sub as real people because they lack decision making and fall flat in all situations

  • Customer Support

    Hi there!

    Bots are used to fill up ranks when the matchmaker cannot find enough human players within the designated waiting time. It's true that they are usually not as proficient as human players, which is why we have made sure players and bots are always evenly spread across teams. This means that even if you have a bot in your team, so does your opponent's team, and if you have two, so do they. We believe this is an effective way to maintain balance. Nonetheless, I have forwarded your feedback to our dev team to make sure it is heard!

    Kind regards,

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