Code of Conduct - Please read before posting

  • Welcome to the official Panzer League Feedback Board! We aim to provide a friendly, comfortable and fun environment for all players, where they can share their opinions and provide their feedback about the topics featured in each of the sub categories.
    Always keep in mind that posting in these forums is a privilege and not a right. In return, we expect respectful and civilized behaviour towards other players and us community managers.
    Therefore, we will intervene if someone tries to establish a toxic atmosphere. If a post is considered inappropriate or unconstructive, it will be deleted even if it does not directly violate our forum rules but is judged to be out of line with our Code of Conduct. To avoid these kind of situations we highly recommend you read the Code of Conduct.

    Constructive Feedback
    Players' feedback is an important source of information for us. If you want your voice to be heard, make sure that your feedback is constructive. Explain why you like or dislike specific changes. A constructive entry enriches the discussion and helps others to follow your train of thought. Ranting and flaming on the other hand is, at best, going to be ignored.

    Clear Feedback
    Structure your feedback. Try to make your feedback direct and concise. Focus on the important details you are trying to convey and beware of getting lost in irrelevancy. Use the edit function if you have already published your post and find e.g. spelling mistakes in it afterwards. Always keep in mind that others might misconceive your message. Remember sarcasm and irony are difficult to spot in the written language.

    Be respectful
    Try to be receptive to another player's argumentation. You will find pros and cons on almost every topic. If you do not agree with someone's opinion, do not try to force your own point of view onto them. Do not undermine your own credibility by verbally attacking other players or sending rabble-rousing posts. Just agree to disagree if you have not found common ground in the course of the discussion.

    Be polite and forgiving
    Always remember there are other people reading your posts. Do not write things you would not say in a face-to-face conversation. Stay classy and be polite. Keep in mind that there are new players joining the game every day. Remember your very own first steps and be forgiving of their mistakes and lacking experience. Learning how to play is part of the game and mistakes happen even with the best players. Do not start to flame or denounce other players to cast a bad light on them.

    Panzer League is a competitive game and therefore it is quite likely that you will experience emotional moments every once in a while. Take your time to wind down after a frustrating moment before posting on the forum. Going on a public ranting rampage is not going to be conducive at all. Make sure that you reread your comment before you post it and do not let your emotions influence your argumentation. Sharing your opinion in a calm and reasonable tone will result in a constructive discussion and help you to properly explain your point of view.

    Stay informed and on-topic
    In order to avoid unnecessary and repetitive threads, try to use the search function first to verify whether your question has not already been answered before. Read through the comments to get a heads up of the discussion's current state. We do not mind the occasional off-topic post to a certain extent but try to stay on topic and focus your post on the subject as much as possible.

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